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30 Dec


Here again, MOPTIM at 7th OCTA International Congress

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7^ International congress on OCT Angiography and advances in OCT was successfully held in Rome, Italy from December13-14, 2019. OCTA imaging fulfills huge research and clinical need and is a widely accepted imaging technology applied in everyday clinical ophthalmology. This meeting brings together basic scientists, retina clinicians, engineers, industry managers from all over the world. It provides high value teaching.

MOPTIM has participated again in this International OCTA Congress, performing with many international brands, attracted the attention of ophthalmologists from all over the world.

At this conference, Professor Wang Ruikang of the University of Washington shared the cases collected with Moptim Mocean 4000 OCTA. Ultra-wide range vascular imaging drew a lot of attention. with powerful algorithms, excellent imaging quality, combined with the quantitative analysis of VASCAN software, brings more discoveries to the clinic. The Mocean 4000 OCTA is undoubtedly a powerful assistant in clinical practice of ophthalmology.

Ms. Yang, the Vice President of MOPTIM, introduced the company's history and product advantages at the conference and expressed the prospect that MOPTIM will continue to serve each user with practical emerging medical technology.

European representative Christos Papanikolaou gave his views on the OCT market, that users should pay attention to their needs and choose the best solution.

We thank each customer for their continued support and feedback. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to OCTA technology, develop emerging technologies, improving services, and strive to provide more professional and high-quality products to global customers!