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20 Sep


Moptim at ESCRS 2019 in Paris

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The XXXVII Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS 2019) was held between 14-18 September in Paris, France. Nearly 20,000 ophthalmologists, experts, and scholars, journalists and ophthalmologists from around the world gathered together for a grand event.

Due to full preparation of everything, Moptim attracts a lot of customers's attention. We values every customers' opinions and suggestions about our products.

Moptim latest VASCAN Advanced OCTA module attracted many doctors and distributors, with its new quantitative analysis function. We are glad it received a lot of good feedbacks, it's always lovely to know that our customers satisfied with our OCT.

Many ophthalmologists and distrobutors came to visit us.

Expect the main product OCT, we have also exhibited other ophthalmic devices, such as optical biometer, handheld auto refractometer, manual refractometer, table-mounted operating microscope, etc. The innovative ideas of the products was impressed by many customers.

Since 2015, Moptim started to explore the overseas market, until now, Moptim OCT is available over 50 countries, we thanks for everyone who visited us at ESCRS and trust Moptim.

See you next year in Amsterdam!