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12 Nov


DEA Dry Eye Analyzer — An Innovative Solution for Dry Eye Diagnosis

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Dry eye is often accompanied by a series of symptoms such as dry eyes, itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, and fatigue.[1] In recent years, with the widespread use of electronic equipment and the popularization of air-conditioning facilities in homes and offices, dry eye has become a global epidemic and is showing a trend of younger generation.[2] 

There are many risk factors for dry eye, patients may be caused by a combination of multiple factors.[3][4] In addition, the clinical diagnosis of dry eye has to rely on a constellation of signs, symptoms and test results. [5] Therefore, it is very important to find the cause of dry eye to provide a more targeted and effective treatment. Moptim offers an innovative portable device that performs complete examinations for dry eye with outstanding imaging capability, enabling fast and accurate dry eye diagnosis.


Compact and Flexible

The DEA is one of the smallest dry eye diagnostic devices on the market. The compact design makes it easy to be integrated into a variety of clinical environments. It can be operated in three modalities: stand-alone, slit lamp mounted and handheld. For ophthalmology clinics that already have slit lamps, there is no need to add an extra trolley for DEA. By installing the slit lamp adaptors, the DEA can be attached on majority of slit lamps, and it will not affect the use of slit lamp. [2] 

Excellent Performance

During the dry eye examination, the built-in 8M high-resolution camera provides outstanding image quality for the ocular surface. In addition, the intuitive and user-friendly software helps users complete the examination more efficiently. After completing the dry eye examination, the severity of dry eye can be quickly classified according to the color-coded reports.

Complete Analysis of Ocular Surface

The DEA provides complete dry eye diagnosis tests recommended by DEWS II (2017). It offers quick diagnosis of FBUT/NIBUT, Fluorescein Staining, TMH, Meibography, Interferometry, Redness and Eyelid. The built-in DEQ-5 questionnaire can be used in combination with objective findings to aid in diagnosis, and the Efron International Grading Scale helps assess the severity of dry eye disease.


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