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About Moptim

Moptim is a leading global innovator in medical technology, dedicated to delivering high-tech ophthalmic product solutions at affordable prices. The name "MOPTIM" stands for Medical Optical Imaging. Moptim's extensive product portfolio spans three key categories:

- **Diagnostics**: OCT/OCTA, Spectral Domain Optical Biometer, Non-contact Tonometer, Dry Eye Analyzer, Slit Lamp.

- **Refraction**: Handheld Refractometer, Manual Refractometer, Digital Visual Acuity Tester.

- **Surgical**: Operating Microscopes.

At the heart of Moptim’s innovation is our close collaboration with universities and hospitals. In 2005, we established a pioneering corporate laboratory dedicated to optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology research. This lab was the first in China focused on the industrialization of OCT technology for ophthalmology. Today, Moptim leads the Chinese market in OCT, supported by a strong customer base, and is rapidly gaining recognition on the global stage.

Our success is also rooted in our robust production capabilities. We oversee the entire manufacturing process in-house, from lens production and mechanical parts fabrication to product assembly and stringent quality control. Moptim has earned certification from TUV SUD for compliance with ISO 13485 medical product standards, ensuring the highest quality and reliability in our offerings.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Moptim is at the forefront of advancing ophthalmic technology, enhancing patient care, and driving the future of eye health solutions worldwide.

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“合 (he) 享 (xiang) 共 (gong) 赢 (ying) " is Moptim's business philosophy.

It means to build win-win relationships for long-term company success with our customers, partners and staffs.