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08 May


ANVISA approval for MOPTIM Mocean 4000 in Brazil

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Moptim is excited to announce that our Mocean 4000 OCTA was finally approved by the Brazilian ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) and it is available for sale!
Brazil is the largest medical device market in Latin America and has set a complex regulatory system as a barrier to entry in order to attest that the quality of the product meets expectations. As ANVISA requires registration request from a local entity, we have been working closely with our partner OPTIVISION in Brazil to provide all necessary documentations.
This is another great step for Moptim in Brazil. we have been working diligently towards this milestone. We greatly appreciated the efforts of our Brazilian partner Optivision, we are looking forward to a big success in Brazil.
The Mocean 4000 with VASCAN OCTA module is the best-valued OCTA in the market. The VASCAN, which is powered by Complex Optical Micro Angiography (COMAG) algorithm, provides outstanding image quality with great details.
Moptim is committed to introduce high technology and ophthalmic product solution at affordable price. Until now, Moptim is the market leader of OCT in China with a strong customer base, and a rising star in global market.
For more information about Moptim in Brazil, please visit website

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