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21 Apr


New product coming! Mocean 3000 OCT first show in China.

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International Retina Forum Annual Meeting of Chinese Ocular Fundus Diseases Society 2016 had perfect ending in pulchritudinous Oriental Hawaii – Xiamen China.

This meeting focus on sharing knowledge and experience, enhancing understanding and friendship, and promoting development and advancement; covers AMD, PCV, vitreoretinal surgery, pediatric eye disease, tumor, genetics, imaging advance, macular disease, and etc. To majority of the participants, this Conference provides a good opportunity for discussion and communication. Moptim MOcean 3000 OCT is first show in domestic conference; it gives a visual feast to experts.

After experts experience Mocean 3000 OCT, they believe domestic medical devices catch up with international advance level in technology area, and achieve a qualitative leap.

Shenzhen Certainn Technology Co., Ltd focused on the development of new technology. During this meeting, Company displayed Mocean 3000 OCT which is a comprehensive, many years of product experience and high technology ophthalmology OCT. Its quality and performance can be comparable with some of international brands, even beyond the international brand in some technology area.