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09 Sep


Moptim launched the Mocean 3000 SLO OCT at 2015 ESCRS Barcelona

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Congress of the 2015 ESCRS was held in Barcelona which hasing attracted more than 5000 ophthalmologists, 700 of medias, and hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world.The contents of conference were variety.It included plenary meeting,special subject symposium, case analysis,electronic poster presentations, medicine exhitbition and etc. At the conference, Shenzhen Certainn technology Co., Ltd.united with other China ophthalmic manufacturers(UOCC) to Spain. During the meeting, MOPTIM introduced MRT-180, HAR-800/880, and the new Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) MOcean 3000/3000 Plus. Espeically MOcean 3000 is a high definition wide range OCT and SLO combined system which is proudly designed and manufactured in China. MOPTIM technology already had 10 years experience in manufacturing ophthalmic products.MOcean 3000 agglomerated MOPTIM's engineers' 10 years understanding, thinking and innovation of OCT products. MOPTIM spent two years on this new product(MOcean 3000) which has been catching up on imported equuipment from the performance and come up with new technology.MOcean 3000 provided 50 wide range and high definition image of OCT in real-time, and LSLO( Line scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy). MOPTIM technology is the nation product of Shenzhen Certainn Technology Co., Ltd. It perfectly reveals independent research and development strength, manufacture of China Ophthalmology, and increases competitive strength of China Ophthalmology on international stage.