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10 Sep


Splendid moments of Moptim at CCOS

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The 24th congress of Chinese ophthalmological society(CCOS 2019)was ended successfully in Suzhou on September 8th. Let’s take a look at the splendid moment of Moptim at CCOS.

Mocean 4000 SLO-OCT with VASCAN Advanced module

High Speed at 80,000 A-scans/s
High quality OCTA scan-COMAG algorithm
VASCAN Advanced module-Quantitative analysis
12*8mm single scan
~3s Ultrafast acquisition

Mocean 3000plus SLO-OCT

45° SLO fundus imaging
SLO-based real-time retinal tracking
100 images averaging

OSE-2800 Spectral domain OCT

Multimode retina diagnosis
Comprehensive retinal, glaucoma and corneal analysis
Hd anterior segment imaging

Colombo Optical Biometer

Like Cristoforo Colombo discovered the new world, Moptim developed a new technique of optical biometer. With our patented technology, the Colombo can show corneal and retinal OCT image at 3mm range simultaneously, which significantly increase the reliability of AXL measurement, moreover, allow user to check the healthiness of the retina. Due to this innovative technology, many customers were interested in it.

OPM 500 Operating microscope

Moptim OPM 500 Operating microscope was well received by many visitors. There were many visitors who experience the device to share the use of experience.

Moptim Refraction line

Moptim eye health platform, a smart and comprehensive solution for school and family. The multi-mode operation of the whole system provides you with comfortable, intelligent, simple and fast experience.

CCOS ended successfully! We are looking forward to see your again in Xiamen next year.