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Optical Coherence Tomography

  • Application

    1. Non-contact fault structure imaging, no damage to eyes
    2. More intuitive, more accurately check analysis of retinopathy
    3. More early and timely found glaucoma retinal damage
    4. Predicted more accurately and more effectively guiding surgical procedure and follow-up

  • Tomographic Imaging

    1. Purpose:Cross-sectional imaging of the retina.
    2. Signal Type:Photon scattered from tissues
    3. Light Source:Super luminescent LED, 840nm
    4. Optical Power:≤0.75mW(on the cornea)
    5. Axial Resolution: 5μm (in tissue)
    6. Lateral Resolution: 10μm (in tissue)
    7. Scanner: Galvanometer mirror
    8. Scan Modes:Posterior segment: Line, annular, cross, five lines, six lines, 3D, rescan and optional position or angel line scans.
    9. Scan Modes:29,000A-scans per second
    10. Acquisition Time:58pictures per second
    11. Scan Depth: 2mm(in tissue)

  • Software updates, free for life

    1. The increase of software module and upgraded without any cost, removed from your worries
    2. Chinese software + report, the Chinese themselves of OCT
    3. Chinese software interface, more in line with your daily work habits
    4. A variety of Chinese test report template, meet the personalized needs

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  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • 3D image

  • Normal retina image

Tomographic imaging

  • Purpose

  • Cross sectional imaging of the retina

  • Signal type

  • Photon scattering from tissue

  • Light source

  • Super luminescent diode, 830nm

  • Optical power

  • ≤0.75mW(on the cornea)

  • Axial resolution

  • 5μm in tissue

  • Lateral resolution

  • 10μm in tissue

  • Scanners

  • Galvanometer mirror

  • Scan mode

  • Line, concentric ring, repeat, arbitrary-angle

  • Acquisition time

  • 58 pictures per second

  • Scan depth

  • 2.3mm in tissue

Fundus imaging

  • Purpose

  • Fundus observation and real-time registration of OCT imaging

  • Signal type

  • CCD imaging

  • Field angle

  • 29° x 23°

  • Viewing method

  • 19-inch color flat panel display

  • Illumination

  • LED

  • Internal fixation

  • LED dot matrix

  • External fixation

  • Adjustable blinking LED

  • Minimum pupil diameter

  • 2mm