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Moptim launched the world's first commercial doppler OCT

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In Xiamen, the Chinese Medical Association just concluded academic Eighteenth National Congress of Ophthalmology, Our production of Doppler OCT - OSE-5000 debut, and has aroused strong repercussions at home and abroad more than well-known experts in the field of ophthalmology special trip to the booth, and he expressed appreciation for the strength and determination to develop MOPTIM. Ophthalmologist, Tongren Hospital, vice president, said Wang Ningli: Domestic OCT technology to emerge from obscurity and then beyond the world, it is to have Moting bunch of young people in order to be able to endure loneliness done out!
For the commercial launch of Doppler OCT, Shenzhen Evening News, the Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang Daily and other media reported. Meanwhile People's Daily, China Daily, Netease, Sina, Xinmin, China Digital Science and Technology Museum and other online media have been reprinted reported.

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