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MOPTIM MOcean 3000 OCT Product Recommendation in Greece

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20:00 Greece time, March 30th, 2016, Greece Ophthalmology seminar and MOPTIM MOcean 3000 OCT product recommendation was held in OMMA Ophthalmology Research Institute in Athens. One of the conference’s themes is OCT in diagnosis of Keratoconus, 34 Greece famous ophthalmology experts join this conference. During conference, speech expert operated MOPTIM OCT for examining. Conference was global live by HellasTV. (http://www.hellasnews.tv/Live2/)

(Following pictures are video scan shoots)

OMMA Ophthalmology Research Institute in Athens.

The president of Athens Ophthalmology (left 4) attended the meeting.

OMMA ATHENS consists by Greece Ophthalmology famous experts; this comprehensive ophthalmological research institute not only provides academic exchange for modern eye doctors, and also provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service to patients.

OMMA has the most sophisticated ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment technologies, including cataracts, glaucoma, posterior segment, surgery, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and etc.




MOcean 3000 has been recognized by numerous eye doctors.


MOcean 3000 live presentations.


After MOcean 3000 issued in Greece, in order to promote company products to open European market with laid a solid foundation.

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